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Self-Cation : Why Wait For Bae ?

Hot Girl Summer is coming to a close and as Fall/Winter approaches (Ya'll know once Pumpkin Spice anything is on the shelf , it's basically Christmas), Cuffing Season will rear its head! For those unfamiliar with Cuffing Season, it is the magical time of year when the brisk cool air is felt and as snow lightly covers the ground and all the comforting holidays approach , so are rekindled love and new boos. Hot boys and Hot Girls decide lets bring this "situationship" into more of a permanent status. Or at least until you don't need a coat or a heater to keep warm. Instagram posts become less girl trips and more bae-cations. If you're single , this time of year may stir emotions and a yearn for your own #Goals picture and envisioning traveling with bae to a destination seemingly made for coupledom.

Close your eyes right now and picture the city/country you've always wanted to visit. If the reason why you won't go to that place is because of the lack of having a significant other or spouse to go with then ask yourself WHY? We've all seen beautiful photos of couples in Santorini , Bali , Bora Bora , etc. Where is the rule that states these places are particularly set aside for only those embarking in a romantic escape ? Recently , the same conversation has circulated about waiting to travel to specific places because they've always been deemed as a "place you only go with a boo" or "that's the type of place you got to go with your man ". Solo traveling has been promoted for a while now but why does "single" travelers stifle themselves at times on where they will not land based on where we've been conditioned to believe is meant solely for a man to whisk you away to?

Transparency time ! Paris has always been a city I dreamt about visiting since I was in middle school learning "Je m'appelle Jessica". It became a place linked to my heart and as I got older I envisioned visiting every Parisian site with the love of my life. Subconsciously I was "saving" Paris for the one . I just knew the man of my dreams would see my heart and whisk me away to Paris , providing me the most enchanted moment of my life. Every birthday I pushed it off and waited mainly because I didn't want to spoil the moment I imagined since I was 16. That moment has yet to occur and after thinking about it and hearing the same type of conversation with so many , I decided "waiting" is not an option. Saving a city because it has only been deemed worthy if you are with a partner is absurd and it ultimately strips you from an experience that is just as deserving for yourself ! Why wouldn't you want to provide yourself the chance to experience the fly views and eats of a city that has been etched in your heart for years ? Why was I ?

The simple answer is of course I want to be booed up with somebody's son on a private island !The appeal of hitting these destinations with your person is attractive and by human nature , something we all look forward to especially to experience it for the first time together. That feeling aside , I had to really think about how amazing it would feel to go to the city of love and feel just as fulfilled.

A mixture of manifestation , timing and preparation provided me the opportunity to finally go to Paris. This Fly Attendant was blessed by the scheduling Gods and offered the moment I had been waiting for. I could have declined , still grasping tightly onto my idealistic moment. Instead , I accepted that indeed my idea could become a reality some day but for now , I was going to have the most enchanted moment with the person who mattered the most. Me.

I stumbled on the Ponts Des Arts AKA Love Lock Bridge completely by accident or perhaps it was more like fate. This romantic bridge where so many couples pledge their commitment and symbolize that promise to each other with a tiny lock is the epitome of #baegoals in Paris. This will sound like the most " single girl" thing to say but as I witnessed all of these locks , the view and just taking in the moment , I decided to commit to myself! It wasn't a sad moment or a " this would be better if I was with a guy" moment. It was a moment of realized blessings and moreover a fulfillment within myself which I hadn't felt in a long time. I sincerely felt so in love with me and genuinely happy that I allowed myself to experience an amorous moment without a partner. #Self-cation was in full effect.

Don't get me wrong , I am not denying how enticing it is to frolic with a real one , gaining passport stamps and exploring an exotic or local destination together. I am merely encouraging you to never allow the lack of a partner to interrupt a wanderlust experience with your girls or more importantly , with yourself ! Don't count you out based on a designed notion of it only being worthy if a man is with you. Instead, think of it as an icing on the cake to have a shared experience with someone worthy of your presence!

The purpose of this piece is to inspire but to also be a reminder ,even for myself, to stop waiting ! Make your dream vacay come true on your terms instead of in anticipation of Mr. Right being the only way it comes to fruition. Stop waiting for the perfect time , the perfect man , the perfect budget, the perfect situation. Life will pass you by, solely from waiting for the moment to be brought to you. You have control over yourself and your circumstances. You want to lay out in that hut on the water in Bora Bora , do it ! You've always envisioned being swept away to Amalfi Coast or exploring the Mediterranean ? Book that ticket ! When it is time for #TravelBae to be in the picture , there is no rule that stops you from experiencing these spots together again and to be honest bae might very well be where you're stopping yourself from going on your own or with friends ! Sweep yourself off your feet with a romantic getaway because, well, you deserve it !

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