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All You Need Is Ice Cream

" The creative adult is the child who survived "

Come with me and you'll be in a world of pure imagination.

Ice cream in every station

Sprinkle invasion

Gummies galore

Creativity adored

Live your dreams within these walls

Maybe even lick them too

Your favorite treat from ceiling to floor

Oh the things we can do

Open your eyes to new heights

While twirling in cotton candy

In the room swinging with bananas and

whipped cream is where you'll find me

If you want to view paradise

Take a look around and view it

Finding the magic in MOIC

There's nothing to it

Fall into your childhood and relinquish any adult woes when entering the Museum of Ice Cream . When I first heard about the museum , yes before Beyonce went to visit, I was intrigued by the idea and the courage it took for someone to create a place of pure joy. No question their inner child never faded away because MOIC is a space where dreams are alive and even allow you to dream as well. I love Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory as you can tell by my ode to the classic film in my poem above. When pictures surfaced of the magical rooms and playful decor , I instantly thought back to my childhood where I pretended to be Charlie exploring the factory every child would relish in and every fantasy of treats becoming a reality. As an adult , my greedy spirit never was outgrown and this museum gave me the permission to join a mystical world only few get to experience.

The allure of the museum , firstly , is that it is promoted as a pop up venue. Only open for a limited time and even more limited tickets, the urge to quickly enjoy this experience before time runs out allows a certain sweet pressure and even more rewarding moment when you're able to purchase tickets and solidify your place in ice cream paradise. MOIC has lived in New York City ,Los Angeles and then sprinkles decided to trail into San Francisco, where I'm based. Already being on a waiting list for the L.A. location , I started my game plan to ensure I would not miss the day to buy tickets into the realm of sweets. First order of business was to stalk their Instagram (@museumoficecream) account by turning on their post notifications.That allowed me to be alerted every time they posted something. I then registered again for the email list via their website knowing that one of these portals would work out in my favor eventually. I Veruca my way into making sure "don't care how, I want it now " mode was turned on. The day came where they posted the dates the tickets would be on sell and I had to map out whether I would be flying or not and make my way in the virtual line. I waited for about an hour to get "through the line" to purchase tickets and view dates available. Luckily , my niece, whose birthday was approaching a few weeks later was available so I bought tickets for us and my wanderlust cousin to join.

I'm not sure who was more excited, my 6 year old niece or the 29 year old writing this piece. Either way , the day arrived and I must say it was everything I could have dreamed of and more. The staff were outrageously nice and what felt best to me was how genuine each person was. They exuded their excitement for our group and made each moment filled with enjoyment. We had different people in our group as we entered and it was apparent they strategically only allow a certain allotment to ensure each persons pleasurable moment felt like their own.

Each room is themed to focus on a particular treat and while the ice cream samples offered are amazing , the interior of each room is noteworthy as well. The vivid colors cause you to smile and something that stood out to me was the way each room was interactive. The room with the striking pink rocks enormously placed was accompanied with pop rock candy handed to each of us after climbing the kid friendly rock climbing wall. Another room got our creative phrases (perfect Instagram captions ) flowing with magnetic letters all the while enjoying various flavors of mochi! What better way to be greeted then by one of their teammates and instantly handed an ice cream treat or able to take Instagram worthy pics cementing the joyful memory for years to come ? I could describe the museum in the most extensive way but there is so much more to this enterprise (plus you need to see for yourself) !

MOIC could easily decide to be a business that is just that , a business. They could worry only about sales and profits. Instead, they have chosen to use their notoriety to be a voice of the community. Promoting ice cream is inevitable but to take the time to promote motivating words to set your Monday mood or address the many injustices which effect the same people walking into their doors daily, is a gift. MOIC goes beyond the norm and doesn't hide behind the glorious colorful walls. They step right out the sprinkle pool and the imaginary world into the realistic moments which impact my life and the lives of others. It is refreshing to connect with a company even after visiting and excited for each post they share. I've realized the Museum of Ice Cream is more than a place to escape into , it is a movement . They represent all the dreamers who may have once believed in a limitless life, only to hit a ceiling , to continue that journey and not allow hurdles in life to be a barrier for all that could be. I walked out of those double doors with my niece in the presence of an energy to encourage her to live with endless possibilities and to remind myself of those very possibilities. Possibilities which taste even better with ice cream in hand. Word on the street is that MOIC sprinkles will gain a new home soon . My vote goes to Miami since it's my home but wherever they may land, I'm certain it will create the very impact that infectiously was bestowed upon me. Take Carmey's word for it and enter a world of paradise and remember what happened to the person who suddenly got everything they wanted , they lived happily ever after....with sprinkles on top!

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