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Brooklyn Views

Every 1st Saturday of the month between the times of 5 pm and 11 pm , you have free access to the Brooklyn Museum! Whether you're an art enthusiast or you're an anything free 99 supporter , you are in for a special treat and an experience that might make you want to even pay for it! It is a Saturday evening showcasing various cultures , unique exhibits and live entertainment. I was recently exposed to this artistic venue on my trip to New York earlier this month and I have to say , I was impressed. I think we hit the jackpot that weekend because the theme of the museum for the day was Caribbeing in Brooklyn. I'm from Haiti , located in the Caribbean, so they had my attention at the door.

There were several scheduled showcases, exhibits and workshops at allotted times. The exhibit I felt most drawn to was "The Legacy of Lynching. - Confronting Racial Terror in America". The energy was dynamic and intriguing as so many paced from section to section reading the immortal words of Langston Hughes and James Baldwin on the walls.There were views of modern artists depictions of the days when lynching was at its peak while connecting the reflection of present day and our new form of "lynching" in today's society. Shooting and killing unarmed black/brown men and women.

Videos played where headsets were provided and used to draw you into the world of these true tales. Enthralled by the visuals , some graphic , it was easy to forget there were any other people in the building let alone standing next to me. It felt as though I fell into a time capsule of yesterday and yet the parallel of the present connection was wildly visible. Every word read felt etched into my mind in a way that not even a picture could truly capture. After exiting , we enjoyed music both live and by a DJ and of course food from the line of food trucks parked outside. If this is what first Saturdays are like, I'll be there every month .

See you soon Brooklyn .

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