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    • Fly Eats Meets Photography, The Greenest Mile & Vegan Eats With Kareem and Sandy Virgo

      Fly Eats landed in Fort Lauderdale , Florida at Greenbar Kitchen to chat and eat with Kareem and Sandy Virgo ! This power couple works together in reliving each and every moment with Reem Photography and are saving lives , one green juice at a time with their venture The Greenest Mile. We discussed all things photography, their entrepreneurial journey, supporting each other’s dream and cultivating ventures they are passionate about ! Oh ! And a Newlywed Foodie Game you don’t want to miss !!!

    • Fly Eats Feat. Pastor Darian C. Bouie

      Fly Eats Show landed in Indianapolis and sat down with the wonderful Pastor Darian C. Bouie as we tore up the food at Harry & Izzys ! We discussed his start as a pastor , being authentic, marriage soul ties and SO MUCH MORE! LIKE , SHARE & SUBSCRIBE FOLLOW US ON INSTAGRAM @FlyEatsShow FOLLOW OUR FLY GUEST @Iamdcbouie Visit Progressive Baptist Church

    • Healthy. Happy. Hungry.

      My major mission after experiencing "The Bean" in Chicago , was getting to breakfast. Our destination was Kanela Breakfast Club . Per google maps it was a 20 minute walk or an 8 minute drive. I'm always down to work for my appetite and pretend it counts as a workout so I can order whatever I want ; so we walked. We began our journey seemingly towards the right direction and I was feeling good about it. I'm definitely that person who has the hardest time following the walking directions. Why do I have to know which way east or west is ?! I'm a left or right girl. We continued on our route as the little walking man on my phone was walking towards the ocean , away from the accurate location, and the line is still aiming forward. After wandering awkwardly in a circle for about 20 minutes , hangry time was making its debut so we decided to just call an Uber. You would have done it too ! The ride could not have been quick enough because A. I'm always ready to eat and B. I love to preview the menu beforehand and from what I viewed , I could feel I was headed to the right place. Walking towards the entrance I was relieved the restaurant was filled but wasn't overly packed where I can taste my neighbors meal. Outdoor seating and large glass floor to ceiling windows circled the venue, giving a feel of fresh breeze and sunshine even indoors. Dark brown wooden chairs and tables were placed strategically spaced out to ensure elbow room, while the booths offer comfort and accessibility to pull your date close as you share from each others scrumptious plate! There's an open kitchen which always lights my heart because I mean I'm Haitian and we have a weird obsession of knowing how our food is being handled. Beautiful hanging lights are delicately structured to read the wooden engraved name of the eatery. Looking over the menu (as if I wasn't just studying it in the Uber) , I felt enthusiastic to see some of the same options which stood out to me in the car ride actually there. They had a good selection of cocktails but since I was on a short layover with an enforced 12 hour no drinking rule , I couldn't partake in the fun libations that day. Oh don't worry , a girl has to quench her alcohol thirst so I'll return. Fresh squeezed juice, juice blends , coffee and smoothies also graced the menu. Now I love a good ol' green juice like the next person but I decided to be basic and hydrate with some water. OK! Now to the main event of this read. THE FOOD! I am a sweet and savory type of girl. I need both , alternating of course, to be fulfilled and satisfy my greedy foodie spirit. My cousin/brunch date and I ordered the Crunchy French Toast and Egg White Omelette. Let me break this down for ya'll. The crunchy french toast , as described on the menu , is challah bread rolled in crunchy corn flakes topped with berries and creme anglaise. Go ahead and read that line again just in case you misread the yumminess. Aroused and ready for the first bite , I couldn't help but have flashbacks as a kid being forced to eat bland Corn Flakes Cereal having to add pounds of sugar for flavor only for all the sugar to settle at the bottom of the bowl. Annoying . Needless to say , I was praying I wouldn't be disappointed. Prayers were answered because my sweet plate was just as wonderful as the description. The challah bread , edges coated with the corn flakes yet still soft in the center gave a textured contrast to each piece worth mentioning . The berries topping were blackberries and rasberries. Along with the berries was a generous drizzle of the creme anglaise which is simply a mixture of sugar , egg yolks , milk and vanilla. They do provide a side of syrup , not necessarily needed if you're not an overly sweets fan but I must say it's good to have the option for those who are. I poured some of the syrup just to soften some of the crunch on the sweet slices. My savory pleasure was the omelette loaded with mushroom, avocado, tomato , onion , broccoli (yep) , green peppers and salsa verde. It accompanies your choice of herb potatoes ,side salad or fruit and selection of toast. Hello , my name is Carmey and I'm addicted to carbs. I chose the herb potatoes and the multigrain toast , you know to keep it balanced. The omelette was perfectly how I like it. Veggies sauteed just enough so that they still have their original colors while the eggs enveloped them like a fresh coat. I am not a salt and pepper sprinkler before I taste the food type of person but to be honest it wasn't needed. The chef seasoned each component enough to bring every flavor out. The avocado slices fanned nicely on top next to a nice red tomato slice. They must have heard my carb confession because the plate was loaded with the taters , the same length as the omelette and herbs tasted on each fresh cut. I layer while I eat so each item was cut and placed together . Kanela made sure each layer of flavor complimented each other , satisfying every bite. Kanela is a breakfast club worth joining primarily because of the attention and effort shown in each meal is apparent yet effortlessly done. The vibe was easy and theme that stood out was good comfort dishes made thoughtfully with fresh ingredients. A final bonus , the array of vegan/vegatarian options that don't compromise flavor or the qualities shown throughout each dish. They have six restaurants throughout the city of Chicago located in Lakeview (free parking) , Wicker Park , Oldtown (free parking ),Streeterville ( location I went to) , Andersonville and Ukrainian Village. Make your way to any one of these convenient spaces when in Chicago and enjoy some well made and well deserved food. Tell them Carmey sent you!

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    • Fly Views | mysite

      Fly Views Once you have tasted the taste of the sky , you will forever look up Flying Solo : 4 Fly Tips to Combat Lonely Days While Away Montreal: Adventure Awaits! 5 Fly Tips I Wish I Knew Before Becoming A Fly Attendant 1 2 3 4

    • FLY EATS SHOW KITCHEN | Fly Eats Show!

      FLY EATS SHOW if you can’t figure out your purpose , figure out your passion Fly Eats Meets Photography, The Greenest Mile & Vegan Eats With Kareem and Sandy Virgo 6 Write a comment Fly Eats Feat. Pastor Darian C. Bouie 0 Write a comment Fly Eats Feat. Aldo Paredes 4 Write a comment Fly Eats Feat. DJ Sam Sneak 1 Write a comment FLY EATS FEAT. STYLIN KEESH ! 2 Write a comment FLY EATS FEAT. STYLIN KEESH 8 Write a comment

    • About | CarmeySansDiego | Fly Eats Show!

      Fly Eats Show Welcome to Fly Eats Show! I'm Jessica , your host and I am a Fly Attendant from Miami. I have created this platform because all great conversations happen over a meal. This is your first class access to Fly Food and conversation ! This show provides insight on the some of the artists , entrepreneurs, musicians , politicians ...basically everyone out there doing their thing , all while showcasing some of the best foodie spots across the globe! What better way to find out about their journey than experiencing some fly food together?! Fly Eats Show Live When we make plans , God laughs and I am not exempt from that notion. Due to COVID-19 and the inability to enjoy restaurants in the traditional sense , I've created the same great content , served to you via Instagram Live ! Join us #FlyEatsFridays at 7pm EST for Fly Food & Fly Convo with of course Fly Guests! ​ Fly Eats Kitchen ​ Always in search for Fly Food , I decided to add this unexpected and exciting segment to my channel to share with all of you! These Fly Recipes ,can be made in the comfort of your own home. I honestly amaze myself at times with all of the yummy creations (and recreations) coming out of the Fly Eats Kitchen but its a foodie journey I'm to continue and grow. ​ What Makes You SO Fly ? ​ ​ I ask this question to my guest at the end of every interview but if I'm honest , I rarely took the time to think of my own answer! What makes ME so fly is my passion. I may not have everything figured out ( actually I know I don't) but I do know how important it is for me to live abundantly and walk passionately into my own purpose. ​ Sit back , relax and get your palate ready because we are about to take off! ​ ​ Contact Me: FLYEATSSHOW@GMAIL.COM

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