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  • Fly Eats Meets Photography, The Greenest Mile & Vegan Eats With Kareem and Sandy Virgo

    Fly Eats landed in Fort Lauderdale , Florida at Greenbar Kitchen to chat and eat with Kareem and Sandy Virgo ! This power couple works together in reliving each and every moment with Reem Photography and are saving lives , one green juice at a time with their venture The Greenest Mile. We discussed all things photography, their entrepreneurial journey, supporting each other’s dream and cultivating ventures they are passionate about ! Oh ! And a Newlywed Foodie Game you don’t want to miss !!!

  • Fly Eats Feat. Pastor Darian C. Bouie

    Fly Eats Show landed in Indianapolis and sat down with the wonderful Pastor Darian C. Bouie as we tore up the food at Harry & Izzys ! We discussed his start as a pastor , being authentic, marriage soul ties and SO MUCH MORE! LIKE , SHARE & SUBSCRIBE FOLLOW US ON INSTAGRAM @FlyEatsShow FOLLOW OUR FLY GUEST @Iamdcbouie Visit Progressive Baptist Church

  • Fly Eats Feat. Aldo Paredes

    We sat down at Honey Uninhibited in Miami with Iron University owner Aldo Paredes and discussed opening his own gym , fitness & dieting tips for 2020 , inspiration and so much more !!!! SUBSCRIBE , FOLLOW & SHARE! @FlyEatsShow Follow Our Fly Eats Guest @IronUniversity on Instagram !

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  • HOME | mysite

    If you can't figure out your purpose , figure out your passion. ABOUT ME LATEST POST PHOTO GALLERY Out of gallery Fly Eats Kitchen My name is Jessica and these dishes are a reflection of my love, passion, and obsession with Fly Food ! never thought I would write a cookbook but here I am and ya'll I 'm so happy! Cooking has always been a way for me to express myself through innovative recipes & ingredients. The kitchen has always been my sanctuary, with every plate providing comfort, and I'm excited to share that sentiment with all of you ! Follow these Fly Recipes but more importantly, follow YOUR 'Cookstincts' to make each plate your own! Tag me on all your Fly Eats Posts on Instagram and watch more on YouTube! BUY NOW Submit Thanks for submitting!

  • FLY GIVING | Fly Eats Show!

    Fly Giving Money isn't enough , you have to give your heart. Tomorrow's Rainbow PHILABUNDANCE The Realities of Nature Surpass Our Most Ambitious Dreams 1 2

  • Fly Views | mysite

    Fly Views Once you have tasted the taste of the sky , you will forever look up Flying Solo : 4 Fly Tips to Combat Lonely Days While Away Montreal: Adventure Awaits! 5 Fly Tips I Wish I Knew Before Becoming A Fly Attendant 1 2 3 4

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