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Welcome to Fly Eats Show!


I'm Jessica , your host and I am a Fly Attendant from Miami. I have created this platform because all great conversations happen over a meal.


This is your first class access to Fly Food and conversation ! This show provides insight on the some of the artists , entrepreneurs, musicians , politicians ...basically everyone out there doing their thing , all while showcasing some of the best foodie spots across the globe! What better way to find out about their journey than experiencing some fly food together?!


Fly Eats Show Live 


When we make plans , God laughs and I am not exempt from that notion. Due to COVID-19 and the inability to enjoy restaurants in the traditional sense , I've created the same great content , served to you via Instagram Live ! Join us  #FlyEatsFridays at 7pm EST for Fly Food & Fly Convo with of course Fly Guests! 

Fly Eats Kitchen

Always in search for Fly Food , I decided to add this unexpected and exciting segment to my channel to share with all of you! These Fly Recipes ,can be made in the comfort of your own home. I honestly amaze myself at times with all of the yummy creations (and recreations) coming out of the Fly Eats Kitchen but its a foodie journey I'm to continue and grow.  

What Makes You SO Fly ? 

I ask this question to my guest at the end of every interview but if I'm honest , I rarely took the time to think of my own answer! What makes ME so fly is my passion. I may not have everything figured out ( actually I know I don't) but I do know how important it is for me to live abundantly and walk passionately into my own purpose. 

Sit back , relax and get your palate ready because we are about to take off!

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